5 Reasons To Do Squats Every Day

It isn't a news flash that whether you wanna build muscle, shred off fat or just be healthy training your lower body is a must. And when you think of lower body training squats is a first thing that comes to mind. Whether bodyweight or barbell squats they all WORK!

Model, former pro beach volleyball player, and Sports Illustrated editor Nora Tobin  gives you five reasons to love squats, and I suggest you to listen to her:

1. Increase strength and power.
Squats build strength and power in glutes, hamstrings and quads, which are primarily stabilizers when moving on the field. The move also improves hip extension power, which is essential to increase vertical jump. Squats stimulate muscle-building hormones, which strengthen the entire body. Weighted squats will challenge the body to overcome a force and reap the anabolic benefits.
2. Get major definition in the legs and butt.
Squats target the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. The basic movement is a fast way to build lean muscle, which results in tight, toned limbs. We know it's a myth that you'll "bulk up" by lifting weights, so don't be afraid to squat a challenging weight.
3. Improve mobility in hips and ankles.
Body-weight squats are a great way to increase range of motion in hips and ankles, which will help reduce lower back and knee pain. It's a safe and effective way to improve mobility without taxing the joints.
4. Strengthen and tone the core.
Performing weighted squats challenges the core to stabilize the body throughout the entire range of motion. The transverse and rectus abominus are deeply engaged the entire time, resulting in a stronger, flatter stomach! A strong, solid core will also help prevent the risk of injury.
5. Improve posture.
Whether you're performing a weighted or body weight squat, you'll be engaging the upper back (lower/upper trapezius and rhomboids) to help stabilize the body through the movement. This strengthens the muscles responsible for proper posture.
(from her article for mindbodygreen.com)
I highly recommend you to save this article and reread it from time to time, especially when you have bad thoughts of skipping the legs day ;)

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