11 Pictures of Gymrats Who've Probably Skipped Leg Day Their Entire Lives

1. When he turns sideways, he almost looks like a floating jeanie.

2. We now know what a triangle looks like in human form.

3. When did Dobby get so jacked?

4. It's almost as if he's been sitting his entire life.

5. His strategy is to make his upper body so disproportionately huge that simply walking under the weight of it will serve as his leg workout. Looks like it's working well so far.

6. Tyson Chandler...what are you doing in the offseason??

7. It's a game. Cover their upper bodies, and try and guess who's who!

8. That moment your girlfriend's shorts fit you perfectly.

9. Any more weight, and those things are going to snap.

10. Calvin Klein model by day, women's sandals model by night.

11. When you're arms are twice as big as your legs, shorts should NEVER be an option. Especially ones like these.

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